Nidhogg 2 Xbox One Gameplay – EAT ME, GIANT WORM OF VICTORY! (Let’s Play Nidhogg 2)

In Nidhogg 2 two players fight across side-scrolling levels, each attempting to be the first to reach their opponent’s final screen and be devoured by Nidhogg, a mythological Norse serpent. Watch as Mike and Andy throw swords, daggers and curses at each other in this Nidhogg 2 gameplay on Xbox One, then subscribe for more gameplay from Outside Xbox!

Though the original Nidhogg was a lot of fun, it was less than pretty to look at. There are no such worries in Nidhogg 2, which has a colourful, vibrant pixel-art style that looks great, right up until you cover it in gloopy player guts.

Nidhogg 2 comes out on Xbox One on 19 July 2018.

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